1.  Registration for the 2019-2020 school year is now open. Please click here to get started!

When registering, you will need to provide school/contact information and a list of your No Place for Hate Committee members. The Committee must include students, faculty and staff members, at least one administrator, and at least one family member that reflect the diversity of the school community. Once ADL receives your information, you will receive the No Place For Hate Resource Guide, listing over 30 possible projects. You will also be invited to share a Google Folder with all of the forms and resources you will need throughout the school year.

2.  Sign the Resolution of Respect/Promise.

Every member of the school community needs to sign the Resolution of Respect (middle and high schools) or the No Place for Hate Promise (elementary schools), affirming their commitment to No Place For Hate.

3. Complete at least 3 Activities.

To be designated a No Place for Hate school, each student must have an opportunity to participate in three ADL approved activities that address bias and bullying and involve discussion, active learning, and an action plan. Activity Proposal Forms must be submitted at least three weeks before the date of the activity. For more details, please see the Activity Guidelines.

4. Receive a No Place for Hate Banner.

Upon completion of all requirements, you will receive a customized banner designating your school No Place for Hate!


Moving forward, ADL New York/New Jersey has renamed the Gold Star Student award to the “Cynthia Marks’ Student Legacy Award” in honor of the late Cynthia Marks. The word legacy was thoughtfully selected to highlight the path Cynthia created, which continues to grow with every student touched by ADL programming.

This award recognizes one student at the Elementary, Middle and High School level who has exhibited exceptional leadership in the effort to make their school No Place for Hate. The award will be presented to selected students by our Impactors: former Peer Leaders and Peer Trainers that participated in our internship program.

Cynthia Marks’ legacy continues to make an impact on ADL New York/ New Jersey Education, particularly the A World of Difference Institute Peer to Peer programming. Her love and hope in younger generations coupled with her fight for social justice led her to sponsor our high school summer internship program for over 28 years. Cynthia opened her heart and home for our young interns in celebration of their hard work and commitment to securing justice for all.  

There are no words or numbers that accurately measure the impact she has had on our region, the community, and the world. Her dedication and support brought ADL values and our mission to over 400 young leaders who now lead the way of the future as activists, lawyers, policy makers, developers and so much more. 


This award highlights an exceptional member of our No Place for Hate school community who has exhibited extraordinary leadership in making their school more inclusive learning environments. Click here to read the interview with our 2019-2020 Gold Star Educator, Elisa Waters.