ADL’s Words to Action curriculum is designed to provide Jewish youth, family members, and communities the opportunity to increase personal understanding and ability to address anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias. Programs are customized to meet the needs of various audiences and educational environments.

Programs will help participants:

  • strengthen their Jewish identity
  • confront insensitive or hateful comments
  • challenge anti-Semitic myths with facts
  • explore the history of anti-Semitism
  • increase understanding of  pro-Israel and anti-Israel activism on college campuses
  • develop tools to respond effectively to difficult situations of bias

*specialized topics are also available

Each workshop is typically 1.5 – 2 hours long, and can be implemented as an individual session or 2-4 separate sessions.

Words to Action – Campus Curriculum

Today, as traditional anti-Semitism continues, many college students also face another form of anti-Semitism, that which is fueled by anti-Israel sentiment. On many college campuses, bias against the State of Israel has become increasingly common. High profile academics, charismatic speakers, and influential student leaders have presented the Israeli-Palestinian situation in a one-sided manner, blaming the conflict solely on Israel and largely ignoring Palestinian terrorism and violence. While the State of Israel is subject to critique just like any other government in the world, the criticisms against Israel often take a much harsher tone. Sometimes, this blatantly anti-Israel rhetoric even crosses the line into anti-Semitism. The Words to Action – Campus program is an opportunity for high school and college students to discuss these issues and develop strategies to address them using ADL’s wide range of resources and case studies.

Words to Action – Campus workshops are ideal for: 

  • High school students attending Jewish Day Schools
  • Students involved with Chabad or Hillel
  • Campus advocacy groups
  • Jewish student groups


 Words to Action – Community Curriculum 

Words to Action – Community is designed for middle school students and often includes adult family and community members as well. The interactive workshop focuses on understanding anti-Semitism and the various ways it can manifest at school or in the community. Participants explore the origins of traditional anti-Semitic myths and stereotypes and utilize role-playing activities to practice responding to realistic scenarios of anti-Semitism.

Words to Action – Community workshops are ideal for:

  • Hebrew school classes
  • Middle school students attending Jewish Day Schools
  • Middle school students involved with Jewish Youth Groups
  • Synagogue weekend and evening programs

*all programs may include adult family members

Online Resources

For High School and College Students:

Israel: A Guide For Activists

Think.Plan.Act: ADL On Campus Resource Guide

For Middle School Students:

Confronting Anti-Semitism Myths and Facts 


The cost of a 1.5-2 hour Words to Action workshop in your school or community is $200.

For more information about Words to Action, please contact Stephanie Merkrebs, Director of Campus Affairs & Special Projects, at or 212.885.7736


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