Law Enforcement Training

ADL works in partnership with law enforcement personnel on the federal, state and local level to fight hate, extremism and terrorism. The League monitors the activity of extremist groups and offers information on its website through the Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network (LEARN), designed specifically for the law enforcement community.

ADL offers training on hate crimes, eco-terrorism, extremism on the internet, anti-immigrant extremism, American Islamic extremism, and others types of extremism. These trainings are available to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

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Law Enforcement & Society

Law Enforcement and Society is an innovative training that increases law enforcement personnel’s understanding of their roles as protectors of the American people and the Constitution. In partnership with the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, Law Enforcement and Society in New York has trained officers and recruits from the Nassau County Police Academy and the Suffolk County Police Academy.

Nationally created by the ADL’s Washington, DC Regional Office and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum at the request of Washington’s former Police Chief Charles Ramsey in 1999, Law Enforcement and Society has trained more than 40,000 law enforcement professionals, and is a required part of training for every new FBI agent. In 2007, ADL received the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award in recognition of LEAS and the ongoing partnership between the ADL and FBI.