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From the Frontlines Podcast

  • September 8, 2021

“From the Frontlines” is an ADL podcast. It is hosted by ADL New York/New Jersey Regional Director Scott Richman and focuses on ADL’s efforts to fight hate and antisemitism in the United States and around the world.

Tune in for exclusive interviews with ADL experts, available on:

Podcast 1: ADL Works to Build Relations Between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs

Podcast 2: ADL Surveys American Jews on Antisemitism In the Wake of Israel-Hamas Conflict

Podcast 3: ADL Describes the Rise in Antisemitism in the Wake of the Israel-Hamas Conflict 

Podcast 4: ADL Celebrates Pride with LGBTQ Educational Resources 

Podcast 5: ADL and the Stop Hate For Profit Coalition Fighting Hate on Social Media 

Podcast 6: No Fear Rally in Solidarity with the Jewish People

Podcast 7: The 22nd Annual Supreme Court Review

Podcast 8: ADL Partners with the Reform Movement to Fight Antisemitism and Hate

Podcast 9: ADL Works to Reform Social Media

Podcast 10: ADL Releases the Online Antisemitism Report Card

Podcast 11: ADL Partners with PayPal to Fight Extremism

Podcast 12: ADL Partners with Hillel to Fight Antisemitism on Campus

Podcast 13: ADL’s No Place For Hate Program Builds Communities of Respect

Podcast 14: ADL Deputy National Director Ken Jacobson Reflects on 9-11 and Hate

Podcast 15: ADL Advances PROTECT Plan to Fight Extremism

Podcast 16: ADL Releases Survey Showing Widespread Harassment in Online Gaming

Podcast 17: ADL’s Latin America & Spanish-Language Work in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

Podcast 18: ADL Engages the Sports Community to Fight Hate