What is the ADL NextGeneration Advisory Board?

The ADL NextGeneration Advisory Board (NextGen) unites the next generation of philanthropic leaders committed to the mission of ADL – to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and secure justice and fair treatment to all.

NextGen connects individuals ages 22 – 40 with meaningful opportunities to contribute and advocate for the activities and programs of ADL. NextGen empowers young philanthropists to become ambassadors for ADL through a broad range of educational, community service, philanthropic and leadership programs and events.


What are the ADL NextGeneration Outreach Networks?

The NextGeneration Advisory Board Outreach Network (NextGen ON) provides personal, intimate opportunities for NextGen leaders to connect their friends and neighbors to learn about and become engaged with the mission and work of ADL in the New York/New Jersey Region. This model is inspired by the original Outreach Network created in Chicago.

The goals are to:

  • Empower current NextGen leaders to serve as ambassadors for ADL in their communities;
  • Hold content focused events that introduce ADL to those unfamiliar with its mission and work;
  • Identify and cultivate prospective new NextGen Supporters; Glass Leadership Institute participants and
  • Build centers of support for ADL throughout NYC and NJ neighborhoods.

NGAB ON hosts events with ADL experts, individuals who have been impacted by ADL’s work and/or other experts within areas of focus for ADL in accessible environments. These events can be held on any day of the week and in a variety of formats, including but not limited to breakfasts, lunches, wine tastings, Shabbat dinners, sports outings, and the like. The format of the events is intended to balance an opportunity to learn about ADL from experts within the fields of focus for ADL with the social and networking aspects of involvement in NextGen.


What are the Next Generation Leadership Opportunities?

Glass Leadership Institute

The Anti-Defamation League Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) is a nationally recognized leadership development program for a select group of young professionals. GLI provides an up-close and personal opportunity to expand their knowledge of ADL and its mission. Founded in 1997 in Orange County, California as the Steinberg Leadership Institute, it was later endowed by Sherwin and Shirley Glass of Atlanta, Georgia in honor and memory of their daughter, Shana, and renamed the Glass Leadership Institute. Today, GLI is now in 24 regions and has engaged over 3,700 individuals who are knowledgeable about ADL’s work, committed to ensuring the organization’s vitality and effectively advocating the mission of ADL – to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and secure justice and fair treatment to all.

GLI participants engage in nine months of dynamic, interactive sessions on a broad range of ADL topics. The culmination of GLI is the annual Shana Amy Glass National Leadership Conference in Washington, DC where participants have the opportunity to hear from national ADL leaders and partners from leading civil rights and human relations organizations as well as meet with legislators on Capitol Hill to advocate on behalf of ADL. The National Leadership Conference is attended by hundreds of participants and ADL leaders from across the country. ADL invests over $2,500 in each participant to take part in National Leadership Conference, monthly sessions and regional events.

Click here or more information about the Glass Leadership Institute.

NextGen Executive Board

The NextGen Executive Board is the governing and leadership of the New York Region’s young philanthropic fundraising, programming and special events. The structure of the NextGen Executive Board is: 1) Executive Cabinet (Co-Chairs and Committee Chairs) and 2) General Members. NextGen Leadership Board

The NextGen Executive Board is made up of the leaders of NextGen’s fundraising, programming and special events. The Committee Chairs are responsible for leading the NextGen General Board members in setting and achieving goals that will enhance the mission of the Next Generation Philanthropy Community – to unite the next generation of philanthropic leaders committed to the mission of ADL – to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and secure justice and fair treatment for all.


What are the Next Generation Philanthropy Giving Levels and Benefits?

NextGen is the founding emerging philanthropic division of ADL in New York City. Originally founded in 2002, NextGen has attracted over 3,700 emerging philanthropists and has raised over $1 million for ADL’s work in New York City.  By joining NextGen, you will be a part of a strong tradition of the next generation securing justice and fair treatment to all. NextGen is a wonderful opportunity for dynamic young leaders who are dedicated to ADL’s mission to also network and connect with their peers in fun and impactful ways.

As a NextGen Supporter, you can begin your philanthropic journey with ADL today that will lead you into the future. The level of giving and benefits of NextGen are:


Activist: $2,500
Ambassador plus:

  • Complimentary tickets to the annual Imagine gala
  • Opportunity for leadership on NextGen special event and subcommittees (ex. Annual Imagine Gala)
  • Preferred seating at the ADL New York Annual Meeting

Ambassador: $1,200
Friend plus:

  • Preferred pricing for NextGen special events such as the Annual Imagine Gala and National Leadership Summit
  • Recognized as NextGen Board Member
  • Opportunity for participation and membership on NextGen Board subcommittees (Philanthropy & Fundraising, Recruitment & Growth, NextGen Lawyers Division, NextGen Real Estate Division, NextGen Young Families, and Glass Leadership Institute)
  • Invitations to exclusive briefings and insider perspectives with ADL experts and community leaders
  • Special invitation to the ADL New York/New Jersey Annual Meeting
  • Special pricing for ADL NY/NJ Real Estate and Human Rights Luncheon

Friend: $1,000

  • First year invited at a discounted rate, honor price for the first year on the board
  • NextGen Outreach Network invitation; personal, intimate opportunities for NextGen leaders to connect their friends and neighbors to the mission and work of ADL in New York Region
  • Subscription to Next Generation Philanthropy Newsletter
  • Opportunity to participate in New York Region New Volunteer Initiative, and regional subcommittees


How do I get involved with the Next Generation Philanthropy Community?

To get involved with NextGen, contact Kelsey Kiser at kkiser@adl.org.

Visit the NextGen Facebook page!


NextGen Co-Chairs: Dina Silberstein and Daniel Wagowski

Current Next Gen Board Members

Amy Bakst
Ross Bauer
Hunter Berman
Juliana Bleiberg-Faust
Madeline(Maddy) Bloch
Adam Cohen
Joel Cohen
Jessica Cohen
Carl Dietz
Hallie Elsner
Joshua Ezickson
Jonno Forman
Ryan Garson
Michelle Geisler
Alana Kalin
Alyssa Malin
Zachary Rozen
Harris Scher
Ben Seigel
Alison Sher
Alexandra Smith
Dina Silberstein
Sogol Somekh Mesznik
Gary Spector
Hope Thomason
Daniel Wagowski
Julia Weinberg
Stephanie Weiss