ADL’s national partnership with USC Shoah Foundation and Yad Vashem, Echoes & Reflections, provides educators with professional development and educational materials to introduce students to the complex themes of the Holocaust and to understand its lasting effect on the world. The program offers:

  • A range of on-site and online professional development programs for teachers; all programs provide access to a variety of classroom-ready content, sound teaching pedagogy, and instructional strategies.
  • Content that is aligned with educational standards, integrates primary and secondary sources such as documents, visual history testimony, artwork, and poetry, and connects to topics learned in other school subjects.
  • Teaching tools that equip educators to support students to reflect and think critically about how the Holocaust influences the social issues unfolding in the world today.

Educators can learn more and register for professional development and access resources at To schedule a training for educators in your district or community, contact