ADL’s Signature Synagogue Program ignites congregation-wide commitment to raising awareness of and speaking out against antisemitism and hate. This Program creates a unifying initiative for community education and engagement. Signature Synagogues will have direct access to ADL’s programs, resources and learning opportunities. The Program will culminate with recognition for each community’s efforts to address and counter local issues.*

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We are actively recruiting synagogue participants across New York and New Jersey. Click here to see if any synagogues from your area have already joined the Signature Synagogue Program.

Contact Hannah Sattler, Assistant Director of Synagogue Engagement, at or 212-885-7748 for more information.

Programs and Activities Involved with Becoming an ADL Signature Synagogue

  1. Nominate One Community Liaison to Serve as a Synagogue Ambassador to ADL . In addition to synagogue clergy and staff, each synagogue will appoint a congregant or delegation of congregants to serve as the liaisons with ADL. Liaisons will train with ADL staff and provide a community voice in planning meetings throughout the year and encourage participation in Signature Synagogue programming. 
  2. Host an Expert Speaker from ADL. Synagogues enrolled in the program are invited to organize an ADL speaker event to provide detailed insight into ADL’s core areas of work. The event will provide exclusive access to ADL’s experts on extremism, antisemitism, international affairs, cyberhate and more. 
  3. Host at Least One Words to Action (WTA) Workshop. WTA workshops are interactive, discussion-based programs focused on providing youth and young adults with a heightened understanding of historical and contemporary antisemitism. WTA programs are led by trained ADL facilitators, utilize realistic case studies of anti-Semitic incidents, and include effective tools for taking action. Programs are 1.5 to 2 hours long and customizable for all age groups. 
  4. Distribute Monthly Resources and Action Items. Through an email newsletter, clergy and staff will receive information about ADL’s efforts while emphasizing ways community members can get involved. Every month will have an “action item” to encourage congregation-wide commitment to fighting antisemitism and hate. 
  5. Participate in Never Is Now 2020. As ADL’s annual national event, Never Is Now is a one-day conference focused on understanding contemporary drivers and dynamics of antisemitism. Each Synagogue Ambassador is encouraged to organize a delegation of members to participate in Never Is Now. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and out of an abundance of caution, Never Is Now 2020 has been postponed. ADL is exploring virtual options for engagement and Signature Synagogues will be encouraged to participate. Attendance can also be deferred to 2021 when the conference resumes More information can be found at

*Program expectations can be customized to fit the unique needs of the synagogue community. Synagogues that participate in this program and organize the programmatic offerings will be formally recognized and granted a certificate of completion. 

Registration and Benefits 

Registering for Signature Synagogue Program involves an annual fee of $1,000 to ADL New York/New Jersey. This will cover the cost of all Signature Synagogue programmatic components for one year of participation, including ADL speakers and workshop honoraria. This fee can be underwritten by a member of the congregation or the synagogue. If you are interested in sponsoring a Signature Synagogue, please email Hannah Sattler at

Cost should not be a barrier of entry, please contact Hannah Sattler at to discuss payment options and scholarship opportunities. Every member of each Signature Synagogue is granted an 18% discounted ticket rate for our annual Never Is Now Summit on Antisemitism & Hate. The 2020 Summit will be held virtually, stay tuned for more information or follow ADL National on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for live updates.