The New York A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute Summer Internship Program is geared towards high school students who have completed the ADL Peer Training or Peer Leadership programs. It provides 9th—11th graders from diverse communities across New York the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and gain professional experience by working at the national offices of the ADL.

One of the key elements of the internship experience is the opportunity to attend a mission trip in the fall after the internship. Depending on the year, interns will embark on a social justice themed youth leadership to Washington D.C. or take a civil rights themed mission across the South. Interns work with student leaders from around the country to develop the knowledge, leadership, skills, and advocacy tools that are needed to combat bias and catalyze change in their communities.

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*If you did not participate in the ADL Peer Training or the Peer Leadership training, you are not eligible for this internship program.


History of the Internship and AWOD Peer Training

In the aftermath of the Crown Heights Riots, student leaders at Clara Barton High School were confused and intrigued about the racial tensions and the upheaval in their community and searched for answers. At the request of the school’s principal, ADL was invited to facilitate a series of discussions around stereotypes, bias, and discrimination. These workshops became the pilot for our current 3-day Peer Training Program for high school students.

Immediately following the Peer Training – ADL supporter and National Commissioner, Cynthia Marks offered to pay for ADL summer jobs for the 15 student leaders. Cynthia Marks continues to generously support the Summer Internship program since its inception in 1992.