Please use these links to begin the 2022-2023 registration process. They include Part 1 of NPFH Registration. Part 2 and Part 3 will be emailed to you following completion of this form later this summer. 


No Place For Hate is divided by Upstate and Downstate/New Jersey. Please click on the appropriate button above depending on your location.

Schools above (but not including Rockland County) please register for Upstate. Rockland County and below including New Jersey, please register for Downstate.

No Place for Hate® is designed to create inclusive school communities by promoting unity and respect, and empowering schools to reduce bullying, name-calling and other expressions of bias.

In compliance with the New York State Dignity Act, No Place for Hate offers schools the opportunity to be recognized for their staff development and student training related to bullying, harassment and discrimination. Schools that fulfill all requirements receive recognition and a personalized No Place For Hate banner at the end of the school year.

Join us in congratulating the schools who have successfully become a No Place For Hate. For the full list of 2021-2022 No Place For Hate designated schools in our region, please click here.

No Place For Hate Resources 

2022-2023 NPFH Resource Guide: Initiatives and tips for bringing NPFH to your school

2020-2021 Virtual Guide: A preliminary guide to use NPFH in the virtual world

NPFH Online Course:  A self-paced course that walks you through the entire No Place for Hate programming from registration to completion.

NPFH Online Library: Pre-approved NPFH activities that can be easily incorporated into your school

ADL NY/NJ NPFH Take Action: In response to the many incidents felt around the world, NY/NJ NPFH will be creating Take Action NPFH that brings our work outside of the classroom.

For more information on Upstate No Place For Hate click here.                      For more information on Downstate/New Jersey No Place For Hate click here.