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Profiles in Leadership: Jessica Krane and Dan Vogel

  • July 25, 2013

Date: July 24, 2013

Krane and Vogel

Names: Jessica Krane & Dan Vogel
Communities: Manhattan/Riverdale, NY
Occupations: Recruiter at Barclays/Senior Counsel at Wells Fargo
ADL Role:  Co-Chairs, 2013 – 2015 Glass Leadership Institute, NGP Executive Board Members and New York Region Board Members
1.   What is your earliest memory of ADL?

Jessica:  My earliest memory of ADL was actually not too long ago.  I was discussing different ways that I could become more involved with the community with a good friend and mentor.  I had expressed to her that I was not only interested in donating to an organization, but I wanted an educational and interactive piece to it.  Once I researched the Glass Leadership Institute I realized it was a perfect fit for what I was looking for.

Dan:  My grandfather was a Jewish community activist and dedicated much of his life to Jewish and pro-Israel causes.  I can recall as a teenager listening to him tell me about some of the organizations he supported and when he described ADL he clearly had a passion about its dual mission — on the one hand to protect the Jewish people and on the other to promote justice and fair treatment for all.

2.    How did you first become involved in ADL?  

Dan:  My good friend Steve Rabitz, who currently co-chairs ADL’s International Affairs Committee, encouraged me to apply to become part of the Glass Leadership Institute last year.  He and I had always enjoyed talking about international politics and in particular issues impacting Jewish communities globally.

Steve described the ADL community as an extraordinary group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests but, at the same time, united around one critical mission.  At first I wasn’t sure the demands of my job would make it possible for me to make the one-year commitment to Glass but I am so glad I pushed myself to participate in the program as it was an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience.  I was thrilled to be asked to be one of the NY GLI Co-Chairs for this coming year and this time around I didn’t even give the commitment a second thought — after all that I learned about ADL and the extraordinary people involved in the organization I decided that this would be a lifelong commitment for me!

Jessica:  Throughout my Glass Leadership class year I truly found a passion for the organization.  The ADL’s dedication to combating hate and promoting fair treatment to all is so important to me.  Hatred is present everywhere in the world every day on so many levels.  The Glass Leadership Institute taught me not only the history of ADL but how they are on the forefront working to stop this cruel hatred every day.  I realized at the beginning of GLI that I wanted to continue my participation, sharing the amazing experience that I have with the next group of leaders.  After graduation from GLI, I happily accepted the position of Co-Chair with my Glass colleague Dan Vogel.  I truly am so excited and honored to chair the next group of passionate ADL leaders.

3.   How do you envision ADL’s Centennial Theme Imagine a World Without Hate™?

Jessica:   I envision “A World Without Hate” to be depicted as a hand shake between enemies.  A handshake is such a strong international symbol for tolerance.  A handshake shows that you respect another as you respect yourself.  If everyone could extend their hand to another, John Lennon’s song “Imagine” would not just be sung words, but reality.  Our world could be rid of hate if everyone learned to love one another.

Dan:    I love how ambitious the theme is, yet how realistic it seems in the context of all the concrete actions ADL has taken over the years to combat hate and promote fair treatment for all.  Since the first time I heard about ADL from my grandfather I have always thought the organization’s legitimacy is bolstered by its work on behalf of Jews and non-Jews alike and this theme underscores that dual mission since, unfortunately, so much hate today in this country and globally is directed at non-Jews.  By living and instilling in others a mindset of a “world without hate” there is no question that we will get closer to that ambitious goal.

Applications are open for the 2013 – 2014 Class until August 23rd. To apply, visit