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Profiles in Leadership: Jessica Krane and Dan Vogel

Date: July 24, 2013 Names: Jessica Krane & Dan Vogel Communities: Manhattan/Riverdale, NY Occupations: Recruiter at Barclays/Senior Counsel at Wells Fargo ADL Role:  Co-Chairs, 2013 – 2015 Glass Leadership Institute, NGP Executive Board Members and New York Region Board Members 1.   What is your earliest memory of ADL? Jessica:  My earliest memory of ADL was actually not too long ago.  I was

Profile in Leadership – Sandy Dinger, Conflict Resolution Teacher, P.S. 22

Date: May 28, 2013   Name: Sandy Dinger Community: Staten Island, NY Occupation: Conflict Resolution Teacher, P.S.22 ADL Role: No Place For Hate Coordinator What is your earliest memory of ADL? I don’t have one distinct memory of the ADL from childhood, but I know I became aware of the mission of the ADL in my early teens. From watching the nightly news

Profile in Leadership – Charlotte K. Frank, Ph.D., SVP Research and Development, McGraw-Hill Companies

  Name:                    Charlotte K. Frank, Ph.D. Community:     New York City, New York Occupation:       Education ADL Role:            Co-chair, ADL Education Committee, New  York City National Commission, Campus and International Affairs and Executive  Committee of the New York Regional Board 1. What is your earliest memory of ADL? Throughout my high school and undergraduate work, ADL was always mentioned as a resource for