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COVID-19 Crisis Is A Time For Unity, Not Hate

By Grace Meng and Alexander Rosemberg As we enter the third month of staying at home, it has become painfully clear that alongside the enormous efforts being made to address the public’s health and safety and the loss we each are feeling individually, there has been a noticeable rise in hateful anti-Asian and anti-Jewish sentiment linked to COVID-19. Now is

On Social Media, Haredi and Orthodox Jewish Communities are Scapegoated and Blamed for COVID-19

Over the past several months, ADL has seen a significant increase in antisemitic social media posts and commentary targeting the Haredi[1] and Orthodox Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey, especially in relation to COVID-19.  In particular, these posts have blamed the Orthodox community for the spread of the virus, suggested that Orthodox and Haredi Jews should be denied medical


This virus doesn’t care who it’s infecting. It doesn’t care where you are from. It doesn’t care where you worship. The only way we beat this common enemy is if we do it together. Choose #HealthNotHate.