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ADL Audit of Antisemitic Incidents 2021

Antisemitic incidents reported to ADL reached an all-time high of 2,717 in the United States last year – an average of more than seven incidents per day and a 34 percent increase year over year, including assaults, harassment and vandalism. This is the highest number on record since ADL began tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979.

Happy Passover

The story of Passover is at the core of ADL’s values, as we continuously fight for the inclusion and acceptance of all marginalized and vulnerable people. This year, we hope you will embrace the lessons of the holiday and commit to standing up and speaking out against antisemitism, bias and hatred in all its forms. To help you bring the

It Could Happen Here by ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt

  As CEO of ADL (the Anti-Defamation League), Jonathan Greenblatt has made it his personal mission to demonstrate how antisemitism, racism, and other insidious forms of intolerance can destroy a society. It Could Happen Here offers a bracing primer on how we—as individuals, as organizations, and as a society—can strike back against antisemitism and hate. Just because it could happen