To push back against the unprecedented rise in hate in recent years, ADL New York/New Jersey has launched the Together Against Hate™ campaign. ADL NY/NJ is calling upon people to take action by signing our Pledge Against Hate, spreading the word, utilizing ADL resources, attending events or giving against hate to support ADL’s critical mission.

Educate Against Hate by utilizing ADL’s many educational and training resources and staying current on ADL news by following us online or subscribing to the “Regional Review” e-newsletter.

ADL NY/NJ is proud to share our first Take Action with ADL. Together, we can serve as a beacon of hope and strength even in these unsettling times.

Moving forward, ADL NY/NJ will provide opportunities to learn more about and directly support ADL through Take Action alerts through the website and emails (sign up for alerts by subscribing to our Regional Review Newsletter). We invite you to shares these Take Action alerts and encourage others to join you in fighting hate for good.

Give Against Hate by making a gift to support ADL’s critical mission, which has never been needed more than now!