Read4Respect connects local businesses and volunteers to elementary schools by engaging them in reading books that promote respect.  Read4Respect  helps students learn an essential “4th R” -Reading, wRiting , aRithmetic and Respect.

Read4Respect is designed to get adults and kids talking to each other about how we can put an end to name-calling and bullying—and to start that conversation at an early age.  Students want to discuss these issues and they want adults to demonstrate concern and support.

Since children’s literature can be an effective and non-threatening way to initiate dialogur4r-photo-2e on this topic, Read4Respect volunteers read books to elementary age students that stimulate discussions about how to prevent bullying and name-calling and to respect differences and value diversity.

After each story, children will have the opportunity to display and expand their understanding of the lesson from the story through age appropriate activities.  Lessons focus on bullying prevention; understanding and appreciating differences; empathy; and respect.

We need your support to help create a safe and caring environment for all children, not just in our schools but in our families and communities as well.  Working together we CAN create a community of respect!

To learn more about the process of getting involved with the Read4Respect program, please email