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Jerusalem Post: ADL concerned over NYC anti-Semitism, City says no increase in hate crimes

The Jerusalem Post highlights ADL’s concern over recent anti-semitic attacks in New York City:

“We must call attention to these attacks and do all we can – together with NYPD, community and religious leaders and our elected officials – to stamp out these horrific incidents that leave our neighbors, friends and family feeling vulnerable,” ADL New York Regional Director Evan R. Bernstein said in a statement.

Jspace News: NY Jewish Community Suffers Dozen Disturbing Anti-Semitic Attacks

ADL New York Regional Director Evan Bernstein is quoted in this recent Jspace article highlighting attacks on the NYC Jewish community: “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) expressed deep concern over nearly a dozen incidents targeting the Jewish community that took place across the five boroughs of New York City since September. Just this week, an Orthodox Jewish teen was violently assaulted