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Cyberbullying Gains Among Younger Children

Six months ago, Denise Weiss sat her 11-year-old down and talked about the perils of social media sites that allow users to post mean-spirited anonymous comments. She then shut down her daughter’s page on, a site popular with 11- to 14-year-olds. But Weiss, of New City, wonders how many parents even know about or similar sites where teens

New York police arrest suspected mezuza arsonist

New York’s police department was questioning a suspect in a series of mezuza burnings that occurred in Brooklyn on Monday, US media reported. Orthodox residents in several Williamsburg buildings had discovered  Monday that 12 mezuzot hanging on their doors were torched. “It’s devastating. It’s very sad and such things shouldn’t happen,” resident Raizy Fogel told New York’s local CBS 2