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Evan Bernstein Letter to the Editor of Poughkeepsie Journal: ‘Letters against Israel lack perspective, reality’

  • August 15, 2016

Letters against Israel lack perspective, reality

Recent letters published in the Poughkeepsie Journal utilize spurious claims and wild conspiracies to viciously attack Israel and question the U.S. relationship with the Jewish state (“ Police brutality in America mirrors current events in Israel,” July 31; “Israel lobby remains power danger to US,” Aug. 1).

It is absurd to suggest that Israel is responsible for the actions of American law enforcement agents, simply because some have visited Israel and met Israeli security officials.

The invaluable expertise provided to U.S. law enforcement agencies through their visits to Israel and interaction with Israeli officials only serves to strengthen America’s capabilities to prevent and respond to terrorist attacks.

Israel, the victim of many suicide bombings and other attacks, shares its knowledge and lessons learned to help American law enforcement better confront and deal with terrorism and other violence. This relationship in no way fosters suppression of constitutional rights to free speech, but rather serves an example of cooperation between democratic nations for the betterment and protection of their citizens.

Furthermore, it is outrageous to argue that pro-Israel advocates are a greater threat to the United States than al Qaeda or the Islamic State, terrorist organizations sworn to the destruction of the western world and democratic values.

The false depiction of a nefarious “Jewish lobby” perpetuates age-old, anti-semitic conspiracy theories in an effort to delegitimize pro-Israel activists, and shows a complete lack of perspective and understanding of political realities.

Evan R. Bernstein

New York Regional Director

Anti-Defamation League