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“Don’t Blame Jews for Polio’s Comeback”: Scott Richman Op-Ed in The New York Daily News

  • September 28, 2022

America is a country made up of many diverse communities. This is our strength. Unfortunately, minority groups are often targeted with unjustified attacks and stereotypes because they appear different. Whether it is migrants coming into the U.S., or a community that speaks a different language, communities too often get scapegoated for local or national issues.

This has historically been the case with Jews, and especially the Orthodox, a community which is visibly identifiable as Jews. Like many religious groups in America, certain sects in the Orthodox Jewish community are close-knit and have strived to be self-sufficient. Since settling in the U.S., the community has built their own schools, community centers and programs for kids and adults. This can often leave outsiders with questions about their way of life…”

To read the full article by ADL New York/New Jersey’s Regional Director Scott Richman, please click here.