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AM New York: ‘Post-election bias attacks prompt New York officials to take a stand’

  • November 22, 2016

Evan Bernstein, the New York regional director at the Anti-Defamation League, said all New Yorkers have to do their part and not shrug off this behavior.

“We need to do everything we can as a community to fight what’s metastasized in our communities, this kind of hate,” he said at the press conference.

In an official statement to the Attorney General’s office, Evan Bernstein said:

“The spate of anti-Semitic vandalism that has struck communities from upstate New York to the boroughs of New York City is deeply concerning. The appearance of swastikas and anti-muslim rhetoric on college campuses and public property are searing and breeds fear and fuels anxiety that has risen since the end of the presidential election. We have been gratified by the strong statements of support that have come from our elected officials in response to the hate and hope it continues.”