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ADL: Independent Monitor a “Necessary First Step” to Restoring Confidence in the East Ramapo School District

  • June 5, 2015

New York, NY, June 5, 2015 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged New York State leadership to support legislation that would empower the Commissioner of Education of the State of New York to appoint an independent state monitor to oversee the East Ramapo Central School District.

The district has been the site of escalating conflict between board members who send their children to private Jewish schools, and public school parents who say that the district faces neglect.

“The East Ramapo district is unfortunately deeply divided between the public and private school community,” said Evan R. Bernstein, ADL New York Regional Director. “We believe that a neutral monitor is a necessary first step that will lead to restoration of public confidence in the district and hopefully lower the unfortunate tension between members of the community.”

Mr. Bernstein added, “Legislators must ensure that all students across New York State are able access their right to an education under the law.”