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ADL Continues to Monitor Extremist Activity Across New York and New Jersey

  • August 17, 2018

New York, NY, August 17, 2018 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has raised renewed concern over increasing levels of anti-Semitic and extremist activity across the country and specifically in New York and New Jersey.


Extremist activity by white supremacist groups is happening with increased frequency and audacity. These extremist actors include local chapters of KKK, Identity Evropa and other localized hate groups. Much of the activity is focused on ‘recruitment’. These recruitment tactics include the distribution of white supremacist fliers and banners on college campuses and in public spaces at an unprecedented rate. ADL’s data for the 2017-2018 academic year shows a 77 percent increase in such activity over the previous year, with 292 cases reported nationwide.


Some of this activity has been more overt, including recent demonstrations led by Identity Evropa in Washington Heights and outside the Mexican Consulate in NYC, with signage reading “BUILD THE WALL.”


ADL’s Center on Extremism recently unveiled a first-of-its-kind interactive H.E.A.T. map which tracks incidents of hate (H), extremism (E), anti-Semitism (A) and terrorism (T). In 2017 alone, New York and New Jersey reported a combined total of 530 incidents.  For New York, this represented an 87% increase in total extremist incidents, and a 90% increase in anti-Semitic incidents, compared to 2016. These incidents ranged from swastikas painted on cars and subway ads, to anti-Semitic robo-calls, to even a death threat.  ADL has been in close contact with authorities regarding these incidents, several of which are still being investigated by local law enforcement, to ensure they are being given priority attention.


These trends continue to be alarming: over the last few weeks, anti-Semitic and extremist incidents have continued in New York and New Jersey, with 19 incidents reported in the past month alone.


In response to these disturbing trends, ADL New York / New Jersey Regional Director Evan Bernstein stated, “These past few weeks have proven that hate and extremism are still a serious concern. While the numbers may have been low for the Unite the Right rally in D.C., each of these local incidents reminds us that fighting hate in our neighborhoods is a daily battle. We must not become complacent.”


“We are monitoring each incident closely,” Bernstein continued, “and are actively responding in collaboration with community leaders, law enforcement, elected officials and educators to send a clear, collective message that our communities are no place for hate.”


ADL urges anyone with questions or reports of extremist or anti-Semitic activity to reach out to our local office and/or local authorities.


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