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  • March 30, 2015

New York, NY, March 30, 2015 … Anti-Semitic incidents in the State of New York rose by 14 percent in 2014, according to newly released statistics from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). ADL’s annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents counted 231 anti-Jewish incidents across the state in 2014, an increase from 203 incidents in 2013.

The total 231 incidents across New York State included:
• 22 cases of assault – same as 2013
• 72 cases of harassment, threats and events – up from 35 in 2013
• 137 cases of vandalism – down from 146 in 2013

Once again, New York had more anti-Semitic incidents than any other state, continuing a general pattern that finds New York at the top of the Audit list. ADL’s Audit, conducted annually in the United States since 1979, reported a total of 912 anti-Semitic incidents nationwide in 2014 – a 21 percent rise from the 751 incidents reported during the same period in 2013.
“Every act of anti-Semitism is one too many,” said Evan R. Bernstein, ADL New York Regional Director. “New York is not immune to anti-Semitism, and in fact, it is the leading state in the country for anti-Jewish acts. We need to raise awareness of this troubling phenomenon, which is happening right here in our neighborhoods across the city and state.”

Anti-Semitic Acts by Borough and Region:

In 2014, there were a total of 147 incidents in the five boroughs of New York City, including acts of assault, harassment and vandalism, compared to 133 incidents in 2013.
The following includes the total number of anti-Semitic incidents from specific regions:

• Brooklyn – 55
• Manhattan – 54
• Queens – 18
• Bronx – 6
• Staten Island – 14
• Long Island – 64
o Nassau – 26
o Suffolk – 38
• Westchester, Rockland County & Upstate – 20
Incidents During Israel’s Conflict with Hamas in Gaza

New York State experienced 66 anti-Semitic incidents in July and August of 2014, a 94 percent increase over the same period of time in 2013.
“While deeply concerned that the number of anti-Jewish assaults in New York remained the same as 2013, what stands out above all other statistics is the overwhelming rise of anti-Semitic incidents during Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza this past summer,” said Gregg Mashberg, ADL New York Regional Board Chair. “We were particularly concerned over incidents occurring in New York in direct correlation with the events of Operation Protective Edge, and are vigilant of those who employ anti-Israel messages to mask anti-Semitism and Jewish hatred. Unfortunately as the anti-Israel rhetoric increases, so do incidents against Jews which has an affect on the tenor in our community.”

Sampling of Anti-Semitic Incidents Across the State:


• A letter to the editor was printed in the Riverdale Press which stated “Anti-Jewish sentiment is increasingly globally because of the oppressive behavior of Jews in power and their crimes against humanity.” (January)

• The phrase “KILL JEWS” and several swastikas were inscribed in a public playground. (July)


• A 9-year-old Hasidic boy was struck in the forehead with a rock thrown by a group of men. (April)

• A 16-year-old Hasidic teenager was approached by a large group of men and struck with a baseball bat causing an injury to his hand. (April)

• A 14-year-old Jewish boy was on his way to synagogue when a man on a bicycle punched the boy in the face and yelled “F-ing Jews.” (June)

• A 24-year-old Jewish man was walking home from synagogue and was punched in the face by one of three men who were following him. (August)

• Graffiti was discovered on Avenue L and East 34st that said “Gaza deserves more than you do you f- Jews!!” (August)

• A Brooklyn coffee shop owner issued an Instagram posting targeting Jews in the neighborhood which stated, “Jews who in this case, and many cases separate, sorry, function via greed and dominance.” (October)

• A man entered the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters and stabbed a 22-year-old student in the head with a knife while screaming “I want to kill the Jews!” (December)


• A taxi driver was suspended by the Taxi & Limousine Commission for wearing a Nazi swastika armband while operating a taxi. (May)

• A Jewish woman had the words ‘dirty Jew’ written on the wall outside her apartment and also had her mezuzah stolen. (June)


• A 16-year-old Jewish teenager was approached by two men and punched in the face, knocking him to the ground. (June)

• The community menorah in Hollis Hills was vandalized twice in one week during the festival of Chanukah. (December)

Long Island:

• A swastika was scratched into the Jewish Community Center in Plainview. (June)

• A swastika was painted on the garage of a private residence in West Babylon. (November)
Rockland County and Upstate:

• A Fire District Chief used anti-Semitic slurs against a Jewish Town Supervisor in conversations with firefighters. (March)

• A traditional Orthodox Jewish legislator received a letter containing a photograph that superimposed his face on the body of an ISIS prisoner about to be beheaded. (December)

About the ADL Audit

The Audit identifies both criminal and non-criminal acts of harassment and intimidation, including distribution of hate propaganda, threats and slurs. Compiled using information provided by victims, law enforcement and community leaders and evaluated by ADL’s professional staff, the Audit provides an annual snapshot of one specific aspect of a nationwide problem while identifying possible trends or changes in the types of activity reported. This information assists ADL in developing and enhancing its programs to counter and prevent the spread of anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry.

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