As one year ends and another begins, we are also accustomed to take stock of the world; this year we find a world that has changed dramatically since we last heard the sound of the shofar. The convergence of the pandemic, the re-energized struggle for racial justice in the United States, the rise of hatred, and the national intensity about the upcoming elections make this a truly unprecedented time.

In advance of the New Year, ADL would like to offer Jewish clergy and synagogue professionals some resources to increase your understanding of these crucial issues and to help students and families grapple with difficult questions, as well as some ways that you and your community can fight hate from home.

Synagogue Resources

· Secure Communities Network: Guide on Reopening Safely
· How to Prevent “Zoombombing”

Educator Resources

· Black Lives Matter: From Hashtag to Movement
· Teaching About Elections

Community Resources

· School & Workplace Accommodations for the Jewish High Holidays
· Report an Antisemitic, Bias or Discriminatory Incident
· Antisemitism Today
· COVID-19 & Social Inequalities
· George Floyd, Racism & The Law

Current Events

· ADL Coronavirus Resources
· Voting Rights resources
· Resources for fighting racism
· ADL Debunk: Disinformation and the BLM Protests
· Antisemitism Uncovered: A Guide to Old Myths in a New Era
· Survey of American Attitudes Towards Jews
· 2019 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents