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Has Our National Focus on Bullying Gone Too Far?

ADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute has been a market leader in the development and delivery of anti-bias and diversity training and resources for over twenty years. In that time, The Institute began to address the issue of bullying after recognizing that some of the most serious cases of bullying that occur in schools are the result of bias based

Security Advisories Sent After Boston Bombings and Suspicious Mailings

The bomb blasts that killed three people and injured nearly 200 others at the Boston Marathon, and suspicious mailings to government officials prompted security advisories from ADL to Jewish Institutions. While no law enforcement authorities saw indications of a direct threat to Jewish institutions, ADL sent the advisories as a reminder for such institutions, often the targets of anti-Semitic extremists,

Profile in Leadership – Robert J. Kelly, Westchester Intelligence Center

  Name: Robert J. Kelly Community: Westchester, New York Occupation: Executive Director, Westchester Intelligence Center ADL Role: Member, ADL’s Law Enforcement Advisory Council & participant, ADL’s Counter-Terrorism Seminar in Israel       1.     What is your earliest memory of ADL? I recall with pristine clarity sitting in a high school freshman social studies class as our teacher imparted a