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ADL Statement on the Crown Heights Anniversary Commemoration

  • August 18, 2016

Unfortunately, concerns have surfaced based on a lack of context surrounding the anniversary commemorations of the Crown Heights conflict. The program – organized under the auspices of Project CARE, a significant coalition of diverse community leaders and organizations – is intended to honor the memory of the conflict and its impact on Crown Heights, and shortly thereafter, celebrate the diversity of the different communities that make up this vibrant neighborhood.

Crown Heights should not be defined by these three days from 25 years ago, which was unfortunately characterized by anti-Semitic events. Rather, it should be defined by a diverse community that has worked tirelessly to come together by creating long-lasting partnerships. The community has set a positive agenda for its future and it is important that all take note of the two key aspects of the commemoration – both commemorative and celebratory components.

Evan R. Bernstein

ADL New York Regional Director