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ADL New York Region Lawyers Divisions Event With Judge Edna Kaplan Hagler

  • April 28, 2014

From left to right: Gregg M. Mashberg, ADL New York Region Board Chair, Judge Edna Kaplan Hagler, Juan Reyes of Seyfarth & Shaw

On April 8, 2014, 30 members of ADL New York Region’s Lawyers Division gathered for an intimate conversation with Judge (ret.) Edna Kaplan  Hagler, Vice President of the District Court of Tel Aviv from 2006-2009.  Juan Reyes of Seyfarth & Shaw generously sponsored this event, titled America, Israel and The Law: Approaches to Democracy and Justice at his Manhattan office.

The event provided a unique opportunity to learn about Israel’s democratic government, Supreme Court, and legal system. Judge Kaplan-Hagler offered an interesting perspective, having been a practicing criminal defense attorney for 27 years prior to her appointment to the court in 1993. Additionally, she holds a PhD. In philosophy of law from Tel-Aviv University and currently teaches courses on the criminal justice system at several law schools in Israel.

The New York Region Lawyers Division is proud to support this event and provide exceptional legal education for the community. To learn more about the Lawyers Division and get involved, please contact Gabrielle Carlin Sherb, Associate Director of Development, at or 212.885.7985